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If you have found this page then you were probably searching for "website redesign in Neutral Bay". Maybe you feel your website looking a bit dated? Maybe your old website is just plain ugly? Or maybe you've noticed a decrease in website traffic? Are you concerned that your website is no longer attracting new clients? If so, you probably need the services of a local company that provides website redesign.

We specialise in website redesign in Neutral Bay so we can evaluate your website and determine if you need a complete overhaul or just a slight redesign.

Indications that your website might need a redesign

  • Your current website is looking dated compared to your competitors
  • Your current website loads really slowly
  • Your current website doesn't adjust to fit mobile phones
  • Your current website information is the same viewed on all devices
  • Your current website is difficult to navigate
  • Your competitors have just updated their site
  • You want to target a new market
  • Your business model changed

So what does it take to redesign my site?

old website before redesign

A redesign is the process of working with the current look and feel of your site but updating it for current users. If your website has a dated look, it's time to redesign with new graphics. If you haven't updated the content of your site within the last five years then your site is outdated and doesn't do anything to attract new visitors.

You also need to use a company that specialises in website redesign in Neutral Bay to look at the navigation of your site. Technology changes all the time especially computing and website technology, and the new technology enables us to look at the speed at which visitors can navigate your site. If your pages load really slowly, you will lost potential clients who can't be bothered to wait for pages to load. You know what it I mean as you do this yourself. Why should you wait around for sites to load when there are a thousand other sites you can look at or buy from. With the latest advances in website redesign we can speed up your site using caching this can also have an effect on your ranking in the search engines. So in short, f your website doesn't appear current, it's time for a redesign.

Another reason you may need a redesign is if your business changed since you created the first site? Do you actually provide new services and products now? If so then you really should add these new products and services to your website. Maybe you no longer provide the services listed on your site at the moment. If so then give me a call and we can remove them and add the new ones and get you back up to speed.

web redesigned neutral bay

Another sign you might need a website redesign is your competitors are showing up at the top of the search engines while you're hidden on the third or fourth page? This could be due to advances in website technology that your competitors have taken advantage of and if you are not careful you could get left behind. Google changes it's search algorithms all the time so what might have worked last year may not work at all any more. I am an expert in search engine optimisation so I can advise what we can do to turn it around.

Your website definitely needs to be redesigned if it does not have the mobile capabilities it needs for visitors to view your site on smartphones or tablets? A recent update from Google stated that your website will get penalised in the rankings if it is not optimised for mobile platforms. All my websites are optimised for mobile and smart phones but this may require a complete rebuild to achieve. It is just quicker and therefore cheaper.

What if you need a complete rebuild?

Don't worry this is often the case and it may be just as quick and actually cheaper to start over again and completely rebuild your website from scratch. This way we can easily introduce new features and technology to keep you ahead of the competition. If you have a site already it does save some time as we may be able to use a lot of the original content and with a few tweaks turn it into fresh content that Google will love. If your website needs a complete overhaul, it's best to lave it in the hands of an expert to create a brand new site that will attract visitors and get you the search engine rankings you need.

So what's next?

Get in touch! Give us a call or send an email and we can discuss your website redesign, arrange a meeting if necessary and take it from there. We guarantee you will be glad you did.

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