The logo design process for Spoilt Angels

The Brief

Spoilt Angels were a start up company that manufactured everything you need for your baby such as baby linen, towels, changing mats, blankets, cushions, quilts and they also wanted customise baby linen with embroidery.

Spoilt Angels wanted to create a brand that had a fun and cheeky feel and appealed to yummy mummies with pampered babies. They also made it clear they didn't want the brand to seem like it just catered for the wealthy; they wanted it to be a brand that appealed to anyone and screamed "spoilt". So the first thing to do was to create a logo that reflected their brand ideals.


We started researching Spoilt Angels competitors and looking at their logos, design choices, font choices and colour schemes. We also looked at other baby related logos. Pastel colours seemed like a common theme but we thought bolder colours would look more 'fun' and 'cheeky'. Mostly the font choices seemed to be chunky, unlevel, skewed fonts or handwritten fonts as this looks more childlike and makes you think of kids writing. Their target market was quite broad and so we felt the logo shouldn't look too 'chic' or 'expensive' so thin fonts was probably not right for this project. The research was guiding me towards designing a logo using bold, uneven fonts with a bold pink and blue colour scheme as these are the colours we instantly associate with both baby boys and girls.

Logo research examples


The Ideas

After researching their industry, competitors and target market we started brainstorming possible ideas for the logos based around certain related key words and the concept of a spoilt baby. We wanted to use elements relating to angels such as wings, halos, clouds, possibly devils etc, and being spoilt such as money, and not appreciating gifts, which babies don't anyway as they are too young to understand.

To capture the fun/cheeky part of the brief we wanted to make the logo more colourful and steer away from pastel colours. We thought it would be a good idea to use bold pink and blue as mentioned above. We thought a cheeky baby might stick their tongue out, this might also work for the spoilt element. We were thinking maybe a little baby devil with a halo and wings sticking their tongue out or maybe a symbol of wings with a halo and devil horns could work. Maybe just the words "Spoilt Angels" with a devil tail and a halo. Once we had a rough idea in my head, we started doodling a few sketches on a pad.

Brainstorming key words on paper and Rough sketches of possible logo designs


We were keen to show some ideas to the client so we started mocking up the ideas properly on the computer.

Computer generated logo designs


We showed the ideas to the client and they really liked the one with the baby sticking his/her tongue out. We also like this one as we felt it captured the fun/cheeky element of the brief best. The logo didn't also look too 'chic' or 'high end' and seemed friendly and appealing. We continued to refine the logo into their finished logo and then produced print ready versions that they could use on all their promotional materials.

Finished Logo for Spoilt Angels


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