Neutral Bay, Sydney web designer and developer


Hi, my name is Elliot Nicholls and I own and run Agenda, a Neutral Bay, Sydney web design and development company. I hope one day we can work on your project together and agenda can help you make your dream become a reality.

A bit about me

I emigrated to Australia from the UK in 2014. My wife and I decided to make the move as she is South African and used to nicer weather. The constant drizzle of England finally became too much for me and we both needed a change. We managed to secure a permanent residency visa to live and work in Australia and upon arrival I formed Agenda Creative to start building another agency all over again. I have worked all over the world as a web consultant for various blue chip companies and I always enjoyed working abroad in the sun. The sunshine makes me feel energized and gives me a lot of motivation and I always thought to myself "I want to live my life in a sunny country". Due to the many dangers of life in South Africa we decided a better choice would be Australia and so here we are.

Back in the UK I ran my own web design agency. I started the business in 2004 and it grew steadily over 10 years. I decided to sell the business to another UK company before moving to Australia but we remain in close contact and still work together on projects. While running the business I was very much hands on and personally built well over 500 websites and won several awards for my websites including UK Hair Dressing Website of the Year 2013, Leeds e-Commerce Website of the Year 2012 and Novell Solutions Website Award Winner Zurich 2011.

My Work History 

I have been designing and building websites professionally for roughly 17 years but I have been interested in web design since the late 90's. I studied web design at university in the UK and finally graduated with a BSc (Hons) classification 2.1 in Multi-media Technology from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2002. I built my first website in 1999 when HTML was really still in its infancy and PHP wasn't used very much at all. At agenda we design and build websites that are lightweight, run quickly, look great and adjust to fit anything from small mobile phone screens to huge Mac monitors.

So why use Agenda to build your new website?

  1. We are honest, upfront and trustworthy
  2. We are reliable
  3. We never miss a deadline
  4. We are very experienced having built hundreds of commercial websites
  5. I have a degree in web design
  6. We are cost effective
  7. We can get you onto the first page of Google
  8. Our sites look great
  9. Our sites will work on all devices
  10. We are friendly and easy to talk to when you need support.

So if you need a new website, contact us or give me a call today for an informal chat about your project and i'm sure I can help you.

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