Increase your product range to increase e-commerce sales

increase-e-commerce-salesIt's often a good idea to expand your online product range as a way to further improve your online shopping cart sales but to achieve this you'll have to be extremely conscious of what is selling or better still is going to sell well in the market you are in. Effectively promoting the latest product can lead to an increase in your e-commerce online revenue. If you are fortunate and the item doesn't turn into a novelty you may very well end up with a little cash cow.

In this article, let's review a certain product which is getting increased interest lately. We'll also consider the different niche markets the product can appeal to.

The path to increased e-commerce sales is usually achieved using common sense and your imagination, oh and good search engine optimisation.

During the 1960 Olympics, Abebe Bikila, an Ethiopen, won the Marathon with world record time of 2:15:16. The incredible point was he achieved it without running shoes. The majority of us are unaware there's been an increasing argument over barefoot running vs wearing running shoes. Podietrists have shown that running footwear promotes heel striking when jogging, in contrast to mid-foot or fore-foot striking when jogging without footwear. There is some science to suggest that forefoot striking is the most efficient way to run and make running easier when you master it.

It's impossible at the moment to decide which is best but there is certainly a way to appeal to both types of jogger. But how can we sell products to barefoot joggers when they don’t wear shoes?

increase-online-salesLet me introduce Vibram FiveFingers. The clever folks at Vibram, understanding that our ancestors did not wear running shoes, resolved to create footwear that functions as an external protective skin on the feet and therefore enabling us to run almost anywhere without shoes. Vibram has got a couple of designs to cater for running, hiking and normal walking. For those who have an internet shop offering sports footwear for example, could include Vibram FiveFingers as one of your items to appeal to the market that wants to test running barefoot.

This footwear is a good example of the way an innovative concept that fits a specific niche market is often extended to suit a bigger marketplace too. The thing is, this specific item is not only for joggers, it is also for individuals who want the feel of walking/jogging/running without shoes but do not want the potential risk of receiving cuts on the feet from glass or sharp stones. It is also a great product for wearing around the house, or mowing the lawn. Also, the soles are really grippy in the wet so Vibram are marketing them to people interested in water sports as well. These shoes could also appeal to rock climbers as another niche you could investigate.

The reason for all this is not to expose you to another jogging style or to sell you footwear, but to demonstrate increasing online product sales just needs a bit of lateral thinking. Adding a new product to your product list is really a great way to increase your e-commerce sales. Obviously some products could turn out to be brief fashion trends and not last very long as long as you are selling it while it is the latest thing to have, you will be increasing sales.

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