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Do you need an e-commerce website in Neutral Bay, Sydney? then look no further. We are local ecommerce experts with vast experience in creating e-commerce websites as we've built and consulted on hundreds of them. We understand what it takes to build a successful online shopping experience, one that you will be proud of and your customers will want to buy from.

Establishing a good e-commerce presence is a great way to conduct business these days. E-commerce means electronic commerce or selling products over the internet electronically. An e-commerce website allows the customer to buy your products and overcome the limitations of time and distance. So if you are based in Neutral Bay you can take orders from Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia or even the world.

So what make a great e-commerce website?

In short careful planning and using an experienced e-commerce developer. Let's be clear, e-commerce is not as simple as build it and they will come and that is why you need to use an experienced developer. There are many things to consider when building an online shop such as;

  • It must have a great looking designEcommerce Online Shopping Websites Neutral Bay
  • It must be easy for customer to use
  • It must be easy to edit and manage yourself
  • It must be responsive so it works really well on all devices such as mobile phones
  • It must be secure, encrypted or use an SSL certificate
  • It must have payment gateway integration
  • It absolutely must be search engine friendly so your customers can find your products on Google

Other features you might want to include are things like;

  • Goal tracking and conversions
  • Social media integration so users can recommend products

And finally;

  • It must make sales so you actually see a return on your investment

So where do we start?


First of all we need to discuss your online shop. What type of products you are selling will dictate how we build the web shop. eg if you are selling T-shirts, do they come in different sizes and colours? So does your shop need product options? We need to discuss your target market. Who will you be selling to? This will have an impact on the colour scheme. If you are selling medical supplies you might want to use green colours to denote health and use a business style design. If you are selling kids toys you might want to use bright orange to create a cheerful website and use a fun youthful design. All these things need to be carefully considered for success.

A good aesthetic appearance and simple UI design

Once we have planned how your e-commerce website needs to be in theory we need to create an aesthetically appealing design and simple user interface. We need to make sure the website is easy to navigate and it is obvious where everything is. One of the ways we can do this is by ditching the clutter. It is important to use the concept of simplicity when it comes to creating product pages. A cluttered product page can hinder your sales message and call-to-action. We must also make sure it "works" properly on all devices. See my article on Responsive Web Design in Neutral Bay that explains this is detail.

Simple payment gateway and integration

Making sure the checkout process is a smooth and simple is another way to ensure sales. Over 63% percent of online sales are lost at the checkout page due to overly complex checkout procedures. Customers simply get fed up as they find it too difficult or annoying to finalise the purchase and go elsewhere. I have created several bespoke carts with slick and fast checkouts and one page checkout systems where customers don't even have to have an account. I also have years of experience integrating payment processors such as PayPal, WorldPay and SagePay and SSL certificates to make sure your shop will be safe, secure as well as easy to use.

Your products easily found on Google

online shop Neutral BayThis is vital is you want to have a successful e-commerce website. I will submit all of your products to Google organic search via an XML feed that Google recognises and I can also make your products appear in Google products under the shopping tab. I have in the past built websites that export products to ebay using the ebay API so all your products are automatically on ebay without you ever having to login. It is important to note that good SEO is one of the most expensive parts of a successful e-commerce website as it is one of the most time consuming. A good rank in the search engines will not happen over night but you get out what you put in. I build my e-commerce websites with all the tools you need to do it yourself and speed up the process but I also provide a managed service if you don't have time.

Goal tracking and conversion rates

One of the main advantages of a digital world is the fact that things are measurable.  Regardless of whether you need to monitor sales, mouse clicks, or understand how many people have completed your enquiry form there are tools to help with this. Goal tracking assists in determining the success of your e-commerce website. Using goal tracking you can constantly evaluate the information and optimise your site in line with the data.

Social media

Social media is very important on e-commerce websites as it gives people an easy way to advertise your products for you by sharing them with their friends. My e-commerce websites come with social media links built in so users can share products on websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Ensuring a return on your investment

Building any e-commerce site costs money so ensuring your make a profit on that investment is vital. By using an expert in e-commerce and building a custom-built, result-focused, user-friendly online shop you will ensure you see a good return. I have the knowledge and experience to ensure you make sales.

Why should you use a local Neutral Bay company?

A website is never finished, particularly an e-commerce website so you want to make sure you work with a local company that can advise you on how to continually improve your online shop for your customers. I am always available by phone and because I am local you can meet me easily to discuss your project. There are many ways to increase sales such as product reviews on product pages and keeping in touch with customers via email newsletters so these are things you will want to meet up and discuss with me once your site goes live and that is why it is important to work with a local e-commerce expert.

There are many searches for e-commerce web designer because businesses are realising how important an online shop will be to their company. I have an intimate knowledge of complex e-commerce website architecture so if you need an online shop give me a call, I would love to work on your project.

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